Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Part 1

So you're getting married, huh?

Congratulations. Now you can welcome the headache.

Aduh....pusinggg!!! Ngurusin hal kayak ginian tuh ribet banget!! I've lost the excitement! Really, I can't think how a girl can get excited from the very first day she got engaged until the day she said her wedding vow! I have lost the excitement....

First, it was this ooohs and ahhhs I am so happy I am getting married, nowdays it turns out to be like, "Let's get these things done. Quickly!" But they say you have to take it easy in planning your wedding, or else you'd be a bridezilla on your wedding day. Uh, scary. That would ruin everything.

I against using wedding planner, because I want to plan my own wedding. So far, I've booked the venue, the photographer for pre-wedding and wedding day, the make-up artist, the wedding singer, the decorator, the caterer, but I haven't found my wedding gown yet.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

High Fidelity

My mum once told me that love can be manipulated, but fidelity cannot.
One can lie to you when he says that he loves you, but one can't lie when he's not being faithful....It just happens to show....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bangkok, Bangkok

I am going to Bangkok. Oh yes, thank you God, I don't even have to pay anything to get there. It's not the place that gets me excited, it's the opportunity to do the trip with my friends that is.
A lot of people have told me how nice and cheap the place is, but what I would like to do most when I am in Bangkok is:

- watch Thai Girl Show (hehehehehe)
*in BSD branch*
BMR : Kamu jadi ke Bangkok, kan, Di?
Me : Iya, Pak! Tar kita jadi nonton Thai Girl show kan rame2?
BMR : Hush, kamu jangan keras-keras donk, tar ketahuan ama istri saya!
Both : Haha!
Wife : *senyum-senyum ga jelas*

- watch Thai boxing match

- get a Thai massage....hmmm......hmmm....mmmm.....

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Long Time No Blog

It's been a while!!
Can I say that it has almost been two years I hybernated? I got way too busy with my work that I forgot my blog. Believe me, I even forgot my user id and password! Ha ha.
Nevermind, it's good to get back on track again. Think I will enjoy blogging? Hmmm actually I do have some sites to be considered. I've already have my xanga, I have multiply...what's the best site for blogging?
Any advice?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I think my English is deteriorating...

It's good to type something on this blog again. I haven't done this thing for more than a year now. A lot of things have happened. I've graduated. I've landed a job. I'm still dating the same guy I fell in love with a year ago. Now that I am working, I can't find the time to type and pour everything that's on my mind on this blog again. I.am.just.too.busy. It's good to know that today's Sunday and tomorrow is still a holiday!!! Yay! Since I landed a job in a banking industry, I rarely have time for myself. Sometimes...I miss those happy campus days I had in Bandung. What a free person I was in Bandung... now I'm a 8 to 5 slave hahaha!!!

A lot of things have happened. Right now I'm still struggling with my job. I signed a-3-year-contract with this bank and until now I'm still adapting. I know this struggle will be over. I know I have to face this. But somehow...as human, we are weak and living in this instant world we want to know and to have everything instantly. But life never goes your way...

It goes God's way and we should follow Him although it may against our will for the time being, we have to know that it's for our best.